The Leeds Refugee Forum was established to provide for the social, educational, economic, cultural and development needs of the Leeds refugee community. LRF provides a platform for refugee communities to produce a collective, strong and confident voice to be heard by a wide range of agencies and organisations in the region. The Forum also empowers its members and reduces the isolation that RCOs experience as a single unit.

The Forum aims to do this through:

  • Supporting integration for refugees and asylum seekers.
  • Building capacity of RCOs and community members.
  • Providing essential advice and information.
  • Providing office space for documentation work and official purposes.
  • Acting as an advocacy group for refugees.
  • Acting as a collective voice for refugees.
  • Assisting the integration of refugees into local communities.

To further these objectives, LRF has responsibilities including but not limited to:

  • Work with other organisations.
  • Represent the views and wishes of the membership.
  • Represent members.
  • Provide advice.
  • Support, administer or set up other refugee community organisations.
  • Raise funds by any lawful method.
  • Appoint trustees to hold property.
  • Acquire or rent property of any kind.
  • Employ staff.
  • Publish and distribute written and electronic material.
  • Provide training courses, meetings, debates and exhibitions.
  • Promote or carry out research.