About Us

Who are we?

Leeds Refugee Forum (LRF) is a refugee-lcropped-cropped-cropped-cropped-lrf-header5.jpged organisation directly supporting refugees and asylum seekers as they begin their new lives in the city. LRF identifies, inspires, develops, encourages and supports members of the refugee community. It brings both refugee and host community members and leaders together to develop positive links between groups from many different backgrounds. LRF aims to help asylum seekers and refugees be safe and respected in the process of rebuilding their lives here in the UK.

“They’ve always been here for people of different communities”

RCO member

LRF was formed in 2003, became constituted in June 2006, and is a registered charity. Its trustees come from the refugee community in Leeds and supporters. Our members and users are from over 30 different countries of origin.

Supporting Integration

Refugees are socially and economically disadvantaged in many ways, but LRF identifies, inspires, develops, encourages and supports members of the refugee community. Refugees bring with them a huge wealth of experience, knowledge, expertise and resourcefulness. LRF aims to help refugees harness these skills to benefit other refugees, asylum seekers, refugee communities and the wider community.

Developing Communities

LRF provides training and resources to help refugees develop new skills and
integrate into the local community to potentially find employment. LRF runs the One Community Centre which provides a valuable resource to the whole Lincoln Green community, one of the most deprived communities in the country (in the lowest 3% in the Indices of Multiple Deprivation).

Providing A Voice

LRF provides a place for discussion between different refugee communities. We also represent a collective voice, highlighting and advocating for the needs and aspirations of refugee and asylum seeking communities. LRF influences governmental decisions at a strategic level, striving for the benefits of the refugee community. We also bring members and leaders from both refugee and host communities together to develop positive links between communities from many different backgrounds.