DWP Social Justice Community Work Coach Service

Corporate_logo_of_JobCentrePlus.svgFor appointment, contact:

Ali 01132449600
Priviledge Mpofu 07769741459
Email: info@leedsrefugeeforum.org.uk
What is it?

The UK Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) is offering an advisory service on a regular basis in the One Community Centre. They provide up-to-date calculations showing how an individual would be better off in work rather than in receipt of out-of-work benefit. Information provided includes Tax Credits, Childcare costs and Housing and Council Tax Support.

How can it help?

  1. Education and training: DWP works with partners including vocational training provides and colleges to find the most appropriate courses for each individual.
  2. Employment: DWP supports individuals of all ages to overcome barriers of employment and help them take realistic steps to transition them into a working environment, including advice about using their Universal Jobmatch system.
  3. In-work Support: For those who have just started work, DWP provides support for up to six months, helping to ensure that any work-related issues are resolved and that the individual remains in sustainable employment.
  4. Childcare Advice: DWP provides valuable advice for parents with childcare responsibilities, assisting them in finding the appropriate childcare services, without which the parent will be unable to freely work and support the family.
  5. CV’s/Applications: CV’s and application forms are the first stage of any job application process and are very important to make a good first impression. The DWP provides extensive support for job applicants to increase their skills and/or qualifications, which includes help with CV’s and application forms
  6. Self Employment: For those looking to own their own businesses, DWP provides support from the start of the application process all the way to the setting up of the actual business.